Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gene Cafe: How to Disassemble for Cleaning and Repairs

Most repairs on the Gene Cafe are very simple and can be accomplished with just a few screwdrivers. The presentation below is take some of the mystery out of it and help folks make repairs and be able to clean the inside of the roaster. Please do let me know if this is helpful and how I might improve it. (NOTE: It is a large file and might take a bit to load.)

Link: Gene Cafe How to Disassemble for Cleaning and Repairs


Stinsonddog said...

Great instructions. I have a Gene Cafe. 2 years old. It won't get up to 482 anymore. More like 460 but much more eratic? Cleaned the chaff collector so full air gets through. Screen at bottom is removed. Please email with any thoughts you have. Nice show on how to open it up.

BannedInBama said...

Thanks for the tear down pics. I had to replace my heater core after about two years of normal use. One thing I want to add is that when you reattach the wheel on the heater side, make sure it lines up with the one on the left side. I have to take mine apart again after I realized that too late.

Theodore said...

Here is my question.
I have bought a Gene Cafe roaster,from Has Bean in UK,and I used it without problems,until today,that I heard a strong noise DAKK-DAKK-DAKK...,from the little metal "door",which is in the chamber,and is moving from right to left, every half cycle,contacting vigorously with the metal rim of the chamber,something,that it was not heard before.
Could you please,help me with this issue?
If you want,I could send you a magnified photo of the little metal "door",in case it has a problem.

Stinsonddog said...

Theodore, I am not sure its the roasting the chamber. Might be the gears inside and one has worn out. Once you follow the directions and take it apart its pretty easy to see what's up. I have replaced the heater now and a few of the gears. Good luck.

Theodore said...

Thank you for your response.
It is not something IN the roaster.
It is the metal "door" in the chamber,something that you can hear when open the chamber and move yourself the chamber up-down.
You hear loud and clear,this strong noise of the "door",knocking the metal rim of the chamber.
I'll try to take a video of the movement.

Stinsonddog said...

In the grand scheme of things, getting a new chamber isn't that costly, if you can't adjust the swinging door as you like it. If its the bottom one, I think its hard to get too. Good luck.

Eddie said...

It would seem the the rubber bumper (looks like a small black dumbell) has worn out and is no longer on the chaff sweep. On the chaff sweep, on the corner farthest from where it is attached, but closest to the exhaust port, you should notice a small circle with a notch missing; this is where the rubber bumper fits. They are very inexpensive, but pretty important in preventing the chaff sweep from breaking the glass.

I hope this is on target and helpful.